Pen Test by Security Professionals

Let us look for you the weak spot in your network and web applications.

What Is Pen Testing?

Penetration Testing is a legal, structured procedure to evaluate the security posture of an organization. This practice simulates an attack against the infrastructure such as its network, applications, and users, to identify the exploitable vulnerabilities. Potentially gaining access to it, its functionality and data.

Why Penetration Testing?

Penetration Testing are crucial for a business, organization or public institutions to achieve high level of expertise and professionalism. Unfortunately, organizations unintentionally expose systems which gives rise to an increased attack surface and the potential for a security breach. 

ICT Academy team performs the following types of pen test:

Why Choose ICT Academy?

At ICT Academy, is group of professionals with longer industry experience in the field of IT, Cybersecurity etc.

The Assessment Process

I. Requirements Meeting

III. Papers signing

V. Test Initiation

II. Service Proposal

IV. Invoicing for Services

VI. Initial Technical Report Delivery

VII. Report Delivery Final