Find Me.

Find Me is a digital solution for a certain field that could be used as an important point to start addressing issues in the community through technological solutions in the field of culture and tourism.

Why Find Me?

Guide to Locations

This application serves guide to locations requested by the user whether those are historical places, tourist, business interest, cultural etc.


Award collecting stamps and achieving levels on your profile is an adventure when you visit different places.

Personalized profile

While visiting, collecting digital stamps based on location theme, are shown on your personal collection.

Digital stamps

While walking visit places you will be able to collect digital stamps with different characters and by destination.

GPS Location

Application provides selection of cities, and all over the map Pinpoint showed helps to find your adventure.

Multi-language support

Application is provided on different languages.

Digital Youth Initiative community is focused on involvement of young people in the development of digital and online programs to improve mobility and active citizenship in the environment where they live. Find Me is an example to follow.