Advancing Information Technology and Cybersecurity in Kosovo’s Municipal Services

The ICT Academy in cooperation with the Association of Kosovo Municipalities recently hosted a workshop on Information Technology, focusing on topics such as “Information Security and Cybersecurity Awareness” and other crucial aspects related to the advancement and utilization of technology in municipal services.

This meeting served as a significant forum to address current issues in the field of information technology and cybersecurity, providing an important platform for field experts and representatives of local authorities to share knowledge, experience, and best practices.

In this context, presentations and discussions by renowned experts like Mr. Atdhe Buja PhD c. CEI CEH MCITP OCA CIO and Mr. Blent Kurtalani Cloud Security Engineer from “ICT Academy” had a significant impact, highlighting the challenges, opportunities, and needs to achieve common objectives in this direction.

Participants also had the opportunity to exchange ideas and successful experiences from practical applications in the field of information technology and cybersecurity, fostering a fruitful atmosphere of cooperation and capacity building in this crucial sector for the development of the local community.

The workshop is also committed to an ongoing process of developing and improving intranet services. This commitment, coordinated with the Agency Information Society (ASHI), is a key point of recent efforts to enhance intranet services in Kosovo’s municipalities.

Improving information technology infrastructure will directly impact the improvement of public services and contribute to increasing efficiency and transparency in local governance. This effort aims to create a more modern and adaptable environment for working at the municipal level, providing an advanced platform for communication and collaboration, as well as easy and secure access to necessary information for municipal officials and citizens of Kosovo.

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