9 Days to Improve Your processes for certification on ISO27001

ICT Academy is committed through professional expertise developed over the years and in the most developed countries in Asia and Europe, has begun to offer the Balkan market IT Consulting services like: Preparation of documents and processes of organizational structures be they companies, various businesses, departments, cybersecurity centers for certification in the Security standard ISO 27001 and build up Information Security Management System – ISMS.

Why ISO 270001 matters for organizations

  • It prioritizes and strengthens the business model,
  • Its longevity and improves the information security management system,
  • The ISO 27001 standard deals with compliance with legal and contractual requirements.

“The objectives are to avoid any interference in the legal aspect, status and contractual obligations related to information security.”

The ICT Academy team has experience in this field where one of the previous engagements in projects for the preparation of the CERT team for membership in the FIRST organization, has successfully achieved the realization of this service for the ISO27001 standard.

How to get the right preparation toward ISO 27001 certification

ISO27001 implementation schema
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